For boat lovers

Such as Lynn, to which this entry is specially addressed 🙂

This specific one btw, after having spent the whole winter in the same place, was no longer there the weekend after this shot. A nice reminder not to pass on anything that gets our attention, and in a more general way, that nothing is for granted.

Lemon wasn’t so sour after all

It finally seems that the little Yashica managed to come out of her dramatic accident two posts below quite undamaged. At first sight, and after checking that the focusing mechanism wouldn’t allow me going closer than 3 meters I expected the worst, that is, a complete misplacement of the lens panel and mirror resulting into focus being all out of the plane.

But wanting to be sure, I decided to give it a try last weekend. Some of the results you can see here. I actually found quite interesting to shoot knowing that my range was somewhat limited into the working focus distances…

Parece que finalmente la pequeña Yashica se las apañó para salir bastante indemne de su dramático accidente de dos posts más abajo. A primera vista, me temí lo peor al comprobar que no podía enfocar nada más cerca de los 3 metros, pensando que el panel frontal o el espejo se habrían movido y el foco real estaría hecho unos zorros.

Pero para estar seguro, decidí darle una vuelta el pasado fin de semana. Algunos de los resultados los puedes ver aquí. De hecho encontré bastante interesante la sensación de tener que trabajar en un rango limitado de distancias…

Honeys and Lemons

Weekend of honeys, once more dressed as silver dots in a gelatin sandwich, and of course, honeys from the always changing sea. Weekend of lemons, sour and still painfully dropping their juice in the open wound as the loyal Yashica-D dropped from my shoulder and bounced against the pavement when coming from its, who would guess, last shooting session.

However, if anything, having been a previous avid user, or dare I say it, collector ¿? of classic cameras has some attached benefits, such as having several similar ones in the closet willing to take the plunge and do the work now, until the Yashica does visit the doctor, of course.

Finde de mieles, vestidas como granos de plata en un bocata de gelatina, y por supuesto mieles del siempre cambiante mare nostrum. Finde de limones, agrios y todavía derramando su zumo zobre la herida abierta al igual que la leal Yashica se derramó (y rebotó) sobre el suelo en la que sería su última sesión de fotos.

Sin embargo, si algo tiene el haber sido un ávido usuario (me atreveré a decir colleccionista ¿?) de cámaras clásicas es tener un armario con otras cuantas cámaras similares dispuestas a tomar el relevo. Hasta que la Yashica visite al doctor, claro.

The beach that wasn’t there

Trust me, there were two realities going on at the same time in that beach. So close and so vastly different, yet back to back and apparently ignoring each other that I just couldn’t believe it.

Honestamente, había dos realidades existiendo al mismo tiempo en aquella playa. Tan cercanas y tan radicalmente distintas, espalda contra espalda y en apariencia ignorándose mútuamente, si no hubiera estado allí, jamás lo hubiera creído.

To be or not to be…

The title of this entry reflects the process I went through with this image a while ago. Basically, it was a favorite image of mine since I took it, some years ago, on a late summer afternoon visiting Gavà beach, near Barcelona.

It was in fact the same exact place (heck it was almost the same exact spot!) where my Off Season project was born, last September, some 4 or 5 years later.

My dilemma was, basically, the following: Is it ‘right’ to use an older, single, standalone image, (which as in this case was just taken for pure fun, and meant for no project at all) on a later specific and ‘delimited’ photographic project if you feel it suits the idea you had in mind and the mood of the project itself ?

The answer came in the shape of some comments about this same photo on flickr (thanks sparadrap!), so now this photo is part of the Off Season project. A part I’m quite proud of, I must say !

I’m sometimes still curious about what others think about that dilemma though…