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Citroën 2CV van (Guadalajara)

Not long ago I was commenting on how much the ginourmous amount of personal vehicles (that is to say, cars) being present almost everywhere sometimes made it a right pain in the ass to try to obtain a clean composition without one of them showing their metal face, or butt, or both in the frame.

That said, in some other occasions, it’s not actually that they even help, but manage to become the picture itself.

So, to you all, thanks.


Unknown van model (Guadalajara)

Mercedes abandonado. Judes, Soria, 2008

Mercedes 250SL (Soria)

---Ford Fiesta (Guadalajara)

VW Beetle, Puerto Naos, La Palma, Canary Islands

VW Beetle (Puerto Naos, La Palma)

Kreuzberg, Berlin. October 2011


Lincoln Continental (Berlin, Germany)

Kreuzberg, Berlin. October 2011

Citroën 2CV (Berlin, Germany)

Berlin. October 2011

Trabi (Berlin, Germany).

Do you know how much I paid for that rim?


Unknown Jaguar model (Barcelona, Spain)

Italy gets ready for general elections, April 2006

Fiat Panda (Rome, Italy)


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