Poner una cosa junto a otra sin interposición de ningún nexo o elemento de relación.

Tal vez no haya nexo ni relación hasta que se lo ponemos nosotros. Quién sabe. De nuevo Iskra con Arista EDU Ultra 100 y cómo no, Diafine 3+3 más-o-menos.


2 thoughts on “Yuxtaponiendo

  1. Connection or not, the image still works (though it appears very low-contrast on my screen). Sorry my Spanish is still usable enough to understand what you’ve written, but not good enough to compose a reply.

    • Hi Jordan, and as always thanks for dropping by. Yes the language of my writings seems to fluctuate as much as my photographic activity as you see 😀

      And yes you’re right. The software was set to deliver a very low contrast to allow for further adjustments when going to Duotone, still have to play around a bit more with this batch.

      Edit: Contrast adjusted a little bit, now seems more closer to the tones I used to get, was indeed a long time since I ran the last BW roll through the scanner.

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