The lost thirteen


The lost thirteen, a set on Flickr.

The story of these images is a slightly strange one.

They are the product of a short mid morning walk. A single roll shot mostly on a group of ancient and long time forgotten bee hives literally built with wood and earth. Their destiny is unclear as seems to be for most of what can be found in rural Spain nowadays. Back then a way to help make a living, they now sit in decay staring at the everyday more unrecognizable abandoned lands below.

All frames come from the same roll, a chromogenic T400CN which the lab managed to get lost but hopefully was recovered. Trashed and dirty but still useable, what you see here are the fast scans of the 13 proof prints the lab decided to do (still a mistery why). As you can imagine, there’s a duplicated print in the lot, but the number 13 seemed to be a good synthesis of what these images have been through.



2 thoughts on “The lost thirteen

    • Thx Jordan ! Yep that was exactly what I thought. Negs were dirty and scratched but at least they were there, strange to feel that kind of angst, never had images lost by the lab before…

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