Finally found a way up

Old cottage

I have seen and wandered around the hill on which this shelter is located hundreds of times, and every time I photographed it from the distance I couldn’t stand from thinking on how would it be to be up there and take some close-ups.

Paridera. Mochales, Guadalajara, Septiembre 2009

During a weekend visit last september it happened, I was told there was an old mule path reaching the hill top, but as usual, after being unused for years or decades they are impossible to find and what once were labor lands are now covered in dry and thick thorn bushes reaching up to one’s chest at some points.

Paridera. Mochales, Guadalajara, Septiembre 2009

I ended going the direct way, straight up the hill side, it was a bit of a matter of patience and pain but it sort of paid itself in terms of pictures, I think. Light was starting to be a bit harsh at 11am or so, so I’ll try to repeat the experience in a month or so when late morning light is a bit more gentle.

As usual in the last months, the camera was the Mamiya C220, wearing the 65/3.5 chrome shutter Sekor (which keeps surprising me as an incredible lens despite being somewhat underrated by the Internet global mind). Film was another classic for me, Arista EDU Ultra 100 souped in Diafine. That’s another combo I have happened to like, even though I admit I chose it mostly based on their affordable costs as a film-developer combination. I could go with somewhat less contrast in some scenes though.

I used a digital spot meter that I got from APUG some months ago. It has ended being a very useful device, even though my way of using it is a very simplified approach to the zone system (scan the scene looking for what I want to be represented as a middle gray, place it i zone V and go from there), I find it has provided me with a good and simple methodology that seems to work 🙂


2 thoughts on “Finally found a way up

  1. These look great. It seems that you’re getting a good amount of shadow detail out of your scans, so your metering / film / development must be fairly fine-tuned. What EI are you exposing the Arista.EDU film at?

    • Thanks Jordan ! In line with my pedestrian working methods I tend to follow what seems the general advice with Diafine, and expose it at twice the nominal sensitivity, EI 200.

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