White whales

You run out of film, drive behind a turn, and find this waiting for you...

Imagine driving through a landscape filled with scenes like this one above. An up and down sea of yellow and green cereal fields against a dark cloudy sky.

Now imagine that you have already exhausted all the film you were carrying, and that you did it mostly taking ‘bracket’ shots of scenes probably not worth half as much. All you have with you is your cellphone, so at least you can take a toy image of what you had in front of your eyes.

Now, let your imagination flow, one day later, same road, keep this sky, same cereal fields, and place a gorgeous abandoned shelter on the foreground. And then realize that even the cellphone is dead.

Oh well, at least that means photography is actually moving something deep inside your guts (again?).

And that I’m making way too many silly mistakes lately.

So here’s another white whale I will now go after, hopefully without loosing any of my limbs in the process !


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