Actually, the one on top was taken about a month after the bottom one, and in Ilford PanF 50. The bottom one is interesting because of the strange weather conditions, it was a foggy day but from time to time glimpses of sun were lighting up things.

And yes, I also took a ‘whole body’ shot of the house, but was stupid enough to move my finger in front of the taking lens while firing the shutter without notice. To make things worse, I still don’t know why but I decided not to get a second shot on this, something I usually do (if not a third, or fourth), so all I had left a month later was a regular foggy day.

Anyway, a month or so after the second shot, the owners decided those weeds were not looking nice around the house so they cleaned them up.

And there went the photographic appeal of an otherwise outstanding little contruction 😉

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