4 thoughts on “Cabbage, raindrops

  1. These are fantastic. I’d forgotten that it’s possible to get such great closeups with the Mamiya C220, and it looks like you’ve got the Diafine / Fomapan 100 combination down pat… what EI do you use for this combo?

    • Thank you so much Jordan. Yes those bellows are indeed great, aren’t they? 🙂 If one is careful with parallax and/or lucky with it, they open a whole new world for MF 6×6 photography…
      As for film, yes I also like a lot the results. I mainly act following ‘box instructions’, normal agitation and EI 200 for Fomapan/Arista 100. Meter readings with the small Sixtino 2, looking for a suitable 18% grey area, comparing the rest of the scene with that and starting from there.

  2. I have a C220 in my cupboard, and am now inspired to take it out again! 🙂
    Can I get in this close, though? With just an 80mm lens? These are astounding…

    • Of course you can 😉 In fact this one was with the 65mm. Just watch out for parallax and exposure compensation for the major light loss with the extended bellows. I’m looking forward to your own magical interpretation of the fabulous macro world ! 😀

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