Contact Sheeting Again…


Making good enough and useful contact sheets with a flatbed scanner and in a timely manner is something like expecting to find Scarlett Johansson in your nearby laundry place asking you for one euro for the washing machine. That is, something you’d die for but in the end wouldn’t bet your next wage on happening.

But when you like them (both) so much, you can keep dreaming and come with something close enough, don’t you think ?


4 thoughts on “Contact Sheeting Again…

    • Thank you Jordan. I’m using the Epson 3170. Put one strip over the scan glass (no holder), covered with transparent glass, put a couple of 120 film boxes under both sides of the transparency unit cover (to allow for a bigger distance between light and neg, and theoretically better diffusion) and did a scan of the whole strip.
      The 35mm film holders will allow for that, but since the medium format holder has a 6×9 window only, this is so far the best solution I’ve been able to find.
      Plus I’ve always liked to have film name and frame numbers in my contact sheets 😉

  1. Jajajaja, y si te la encuentras y te pide un euro, ¿qué haces?

    El sistema es mejor -desde luego a juzgar por lo que muestras- que hacer lo que hago yo…escanear la hoja de contactos. Pero bueno, siempre se da uno una idea de qué se tiene entre las manos…aunque no sea la Johansson.

    Y si encima salvas unas fotos como las de más arriba pues cojonudo.

    Un saludo

    enrique ortega

    • Jaja posiblemente ponerme muy nervioso y lanzarle un euro con tan mala fortuna que le daría en un ojo o algo, quedando automáticamente nominado para patoso del año 😀

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