Antidote for rainy days

Actually it was only three or four weeks ago, but they look like years. So many back and forth and sometimes one forgets that photos are actually meant to have something making you want to look at them.

And last but not least, do not forget the fun factor present on toy cameras 🙂 They help turn photography into the funny game it is.


2 thoughts on “Antidote for rainy days

  1. Do you really know, Oscar, photography has ever been that funny game you say? 😎

    I can’t hardly believe it when taking “The Photo” to the ligth becomes as painful as being in labour. 😦

    best wishes
    enrique ortega

  2. Truly, probably what happens is that I always become fascinated and remember more those ‘fun’ clicks which end in an image that delivers more than I could have dreamed.

    The pain of being disappointed by what took you so many hard times is always something a bit painful to remember…

    Yet it probably is also part of what made you took the photo in that funny moment as well.

    No ?


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