Published (*)

Sometimes best things come in the most unexpected way, faster than we ever imagined, and seemingly out of nowhere. And it is probably a good thing that they happen that way. And what it’s said is true, it feels real good. 🙂

A veces las mejores cosas ocurren de la manera más inesperada, más rápido de lo que nunca imaginamos, y aparentemente como salidas de la nada. Y probablemente es bueno que sea así. Ah, y lo que dicen es cierto, realmente sienta muy bien. 🙂

(*) These four images were published in the 4-Square section of the third issue (February 2007) of the online magazine Magnachrom. Magnachrom is an online magazine, published bi-monthly, and devoted to medium and large format photography. / Estas cuatro fotos han sido publicadas en la sección 4-Square del tercer número (Febrero 2007) del magazine on-line Magnachrom, publicación bi-mensual dedicada a la fotografía de medio y gran formato.


10 thoughts on “Published (*)

  1. Ray, thanks so much my friend ! 🙂 And thanks for the broadband plug as well ! 😉

    I hope all is well there, I tried to leave a comment on your blog but found the comments disabled, could be?



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