Después de la lluvia

Además de ser el título de una obra de teatro cuya versión para la caja tonta me dejó literalmente con el trasero pegado al sofá de principio a fin, resulta ser a veces un lapso de tiempo, relativamente breve, en el que las cosas que nos rodean no están ni aquí ni allí, sino todo lo contrario, en el que todo parece distinto y en cierto modo lo es.

Claro, igual digo estas cosas porque ya ni recuerdo las semanas que han pasado desde que cayeron las últimas cuatro gotas!

Apart from the title of a theatre show whose TV version amazed me, it [that piece of time after a sudden rain] seems to be a moment during which everything around us is strangely there and not there at the same time, and where everything looks different and in some way it actually is.

Of course, maybe I’m just saying that because I don’t remember how much it has been since the last rain ! [Actually, at the moment of this English version text, the last rain has just been a couple hours ago ;P]


2 thoughts on “Después de la lluvia

  1. Never in my life have I been able to capture tones like these. I have seen other pics of yours where the tones are amazing.

    Wonder how do you do it?

    How did you expose it? What were you thinking? I assume the language is Spanish, so I cannot understand the post.

    I honestly wish I could somtime meet up with you and take some pics!!!


  2. Sudeep, thanks kindly for your words!! Actually, this image is quite old, and it only ‘showed’ exactly what I had in mind when I ‘reprinted’ it through some darker Photoshop Duotone treatment.

    It was actually after reading some wet darkroom printing books when I remembered this and thought about playing the partiture in a slightly different way.

    We shouldn’t be forgetting our old works, the negative is just the starting point actually 😉

    So, when do we actually meet for the shoot-up ? 🙂


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