Off Season: Forgotten Toys

The first thing I recalled on during that accidental visit to Gavà beach some weeks ago were beach fishermen. I have always liked how they become the true human soul of the place once the summer season is over and only the bravest swimmers venture into the sea.

However, while shooting some frames on them and looking for scenes and compositions I liked, I couldn’t stand from hearing subtle ‘pings’ inside my head, pointing me that maybe, there could be other interesting subjects which shared the same environment.

Thus, what was going to be a beach fishermen project became a little bigger…

These swings I noticed from some distance while walking along the beach (yes, towards other fishermen) and after stopping and looking at them, suddenly everything fell in place, I had found the forgotten toys.

Technically, I must say that for several reasons, both human and … human, this specific negative is far from being perfect, however, after some attempts I ended with this ‘copy’, which is quite close to be the image I had in mind when I took this photograph.

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2 thoughts on “Off Season: Forgotten Toys

  1. Thank you Lynn ! 🙂

    The camera was one that had been somewhat forgotten since I got it, the Yashica D (Yashinon lens version) that I got from Pherdinand on the RFF maybe … 2 years ago (how time flies!).

    Film is Neopan Acros 100 in 120. I just love it even though I must say that probably there are other developers out there which can make it give finer grain than Diafine…


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