porque no sería mucho
que, habiendo sanado
mi señor tío de la
enfermedad caballeresca,
leyendo estos se le
antojase hacerse poeta,
que, segun dicen, es
enfermedad incurable y

— Miguel de Cervantes

Categorized: _worn | _blackandwhite


4 thoughts on “Exposed

  1. Interesting image Oscar. I like the tones and simplicity. Don’t get the message though. Unfortunately my Spanish is as good as my breathing skill under water so I don’t understand a word of the caption. 🙂

  2. Thanks Kris! I like this image but I’m not sure if it fits the worn series or not…
    That said, well, those are some sentences from ‘El Quijote’, but to be honest, I haven’t read that book completely. They must be from the end of the story where Mr. Quijano comes back home and ‘recovers’ from his errand knight madness. Here his nephew is talking about hiding the poetry books to prevent him from turning into a crazy poet now 😉


  3. Oscar, Bravo my friend!!! This is a beautiful capture and very creative!! Sorry I’ve not been around, but have a Happy Christmas and don’t drink so much that your Leica shots look like they are from a Holga LOL 😉


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