New site, new horizon

Dear all,

as you may have noticed, this site is now on a new location. I’ve found the hard way that all the photos upload to blogger no longer can be accessed from this new URL so please be patient while I replicate them on pbase so that I can link them from here easily.

I’ll try to go ‘down’ the list from more recent to the older posts.

I’m afraid it’s not going to be solved in 5 minutes, so, please be patient. I’ll try to add as much new and already pbase’d content as possible 🙂



4 thoughts on “New site, new horizon

  1. LOL ! You’re always welcome Dave, and Sue too, you know that !

    Seems that comments take a little while to refresh, but nonetheless, they work 🙂

    Glad you liked the shot, comes from a Zorki 3M with a Jupiter-8 and I think film was normal Elitechrome 100.

    It was the landscape that did almost all the job 😉


  2. Oscar! I love this new direction in which you have taken your photography. You, my friend, are a natural.

    I love the B&W tree shot so much it’s now my desktop wallpaper. Although the color shot will have to spend some time there as well. 🙂

    Please keep shooting from the heart – you can’t miss!


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