An unexpected finding

This is part of an abandoned factory and workers residence complex that I found in a somewhat accidental way when looking for more abandoned watermills to photograph. Time and weather didn’t allow me to go for the shots I had in mind, but I took a couple of quick ones to act as a reminder for myself so that I don’t miss it on my next trip there. It will be also a bit tricky, since the place is surrounded by a wall and the perimeter closed by a locked gate with a ‘no entry – collapse danger’ sign.

It is located near the village of Turmiel and it probably was a resin processing factory since there is a similar and bigger one in the nearby village of Mazarete. That one is located just by the huge resin pine forest that became destroyed during the hideous fire on the summer of 2005.

I must admit that even if many times I get puzzled looks from my friends and family, I find it fascinating to wander around this humble traces of our rural past 🙂

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4 thoughts on “An unexpected finding

  1. Oscar, Every time I look at this one I love it more 🙂 TGhe atmosphere and lines are simply stunning!!! Yep I wish I could be there as well 😉


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