La Central

Looking at this Watermill entry on the blog of my colleague Luis Miguel Castañeda was like turning my eyes towards a very familiar and loved landscape.

The Mesa Valley follows the course of the river with the same name, and is the place where I spent (and in fact I keep doing it) most of my holidays when I was a kid. Located in the Señorío de Molina shire (whose name comes from its capital town, Molina de Aragón), actually it has more influence from the neighbour lands of Calatayud than Guadalajara, province to which it belongs.

This is the old power watermill along the Mesa river, located more or less between Mochales and Villel de Mesa. Me and my family have always known it by the same name, La Central, and as far as my memory goes it has been abandoned and degrading to its sad current state.

It wasn’t always that way though. Built (if I recall correctly) some years after the Spanish Civil war, it provided electricity to several villages and towns around, even though, curiously, it didn’t do it to its nearest one, Mochales, my mother’s home village, which had its own smaller power mill. It had a permanent ‘stock’ of workers and even part of the building was acconditioned as home for some of them.

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2 thoughts on “La Central

  1. Absolutely. For years I found sometimes very difficult the feelings of being there, most of the time I was lacking a direct vision of ‘the thing itself’ 🙂

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