Are you thirsty?

Curious (to say the least!) set up on the Oceans pavillion during the Barcelona 2004 Culture Forum stating the importance of reasonable use of water reserves.

Oddly adequate when we’re having one of the driest and hottest summers of the decade !

And in some strange way, I’m making this post a self-serving heads-up to make me remember that girl on the subway this morning who before completely disappearing from my view stopped and looked back. According to Clint Eastwood that has to be a very good sign, lol !

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3 thoughts on “Are you thirsty?

  1. Wow I am now LOL I see you’ve been very busy whilst I’ve been hiding under Word and PDF software 🙂 Another wonderful capture !!!


  2. Haha thanks Tony ! 🙂 In fact this pic dates from two years ago, but wasn’t photography about stopping time, lol.
    Let me know should you need help with word and pdf there ! And of course, good luck ! 😉

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