The end… or the beginning ?

This is one of the places I liked the most in my short visit to Portugal a couple months ago.

It’s an ancient auxiliar dock on Porto’s beach, leading to the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s quite impressive to think that the horizon is just miles and miles of water, and nothing else until you’ll reach the coasts of America.

Yesterday I finally did the defense of my final degree project, shortly after, the new status on my academic info became updated, I am now, and at last, licensed.

One thing that quite amazed me on that visit to Porto’s beach was how little ‘sea smell’ there was, the usual sweet and salty smell breeze always brings from the Mediterranean. I kinda missed it.

So, I don’t know if now it’s turn for sea or ocean, but all in all, let’s see what this new life brings !

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6 thoughts on “The end… or the beginning ?

  1. Thanks Luis & Jordan !! Well not a PhD and in fact not even a thesina but more of a sort of door to one. In fact I an offer to start a PhD from one of the professors evaluating my work, and I’m now trying to clear up my mind a bit…
    Again, thank you both !! 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Oscar! The importance of this achievment in your life comes through in your post. BTW, I get the same feeling when I peer westward across the Pacific Ocean from the California coast, knowing that miles and miles of open sea lay ahead, and that only the varied coasts of Asia will eventually break the monotony.

  3. Thank you both Ray and Tony ! 🙂 Yes I must say the achievement is becoming clearer day after day. It may have something to do with the fact that after the presentation I slipped on the stairs and bent my ankle, so I’ve only had mind for the pain these last days, lol!

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