Official vehicles only

But not a single vehicle anymore.

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7 thoughts on “Official vehicles only

  1. Hey Oscar… Fantastic shot! I really love images like these where you can almost feel the texture.

    May I ask, how do you do those wonderfull tones? Are they photoshop tritones? They are really pleasing to the eye and always seem to add depth to your photographs. I’m not a conoisseur but when I tone an image, I just use duotone or colorise, but the results are nowhere as nice – much harsher.

    Anyway, nice picture!

    Take care Oscar!

  2. Hey guys thank you !!! Ok ok I’ll break the suspense 😉

    The recipe is exactly what you said Jonas, PS tritoning using the configuration here (kindly provided to me by fellow RFFer Kris)

    I also used to tone pictures in the usual way, but that comment about depth is something I also find to be completely true, the prove is that when I switch back to the original B&W picture I become amazed at how ‘flat’ it looks.

    And this makes me wonder, if this is just ONE tritone configuration, imagine what you can achieve in terms of toning and depth added to images, both in PS and by the use of darkroom techniques when doing wet prints. It’s just a whole world of options out there 🙂


  3. Oscar, thanks for the explanation! I do have a question, in the image you shown, the second ink’s curves seems to be set to ‘0’, with the line all along the bottom (judging by the graph) – doesn’t this make it a duotone by definition? Anyway, not that I’m planning to copy it, I’m going to play around with it for a bit and see what I can come up with for my tastes.

    I used to tone my wet prints, and while the tones look superb (especially selenium with a touch of sepia I loved), it’s a real mess to do: unhealthy, smelly, toxic, hard to clean, …

    One thing I dislike about toning my images is that when they get printed in the university mag they’re B&W, and when I’m used to seeing them toned on-screen, the printed images in the mag are always a bit dissappointing! 🙂

    Say Oscar, what’s ‘taffer’? Just a nickname, a middle name (doesn’t sound Spanish though!), does it mean anything? Just curious. Cheers!

  4. Jonas, again you’re right, the middle curve is set to ‘0’, all flat on the bottom. I can’t see exactly why but you’re also right in that experimenting with this will in the long term find your ‘perfect’ settings 🙂

    Oh, and the taffer thing, well, it’s a kinda long story. As a sort of ex-computer gamer I had my own favorites, it’s one of the most used words on a specific game and you can find more information about it here:

    Each time I heard it in-game I couldn’t stand from laughing out loud, it just sounded too well, even if the general meaning is not, lol !


  5. Ah, I see, thanks for the explanation!

    And thanks again for the tritones info. Been playing around with it, and as you said, there’s just so many possibilities!

    Take care!

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