More Porto, Lisbon, and CV 15

Well, my adventures through scanning and (mainly) editing and postprocessing are going slowly, but still going.

As (I think) I said somewhere, I came out quite surprised not to have too many hideous effects coming from the natural distortion one can expect from such a wide angle. Specially in shots where the main subject was not too close up and more or less centered, the general effect was just that of being quite far away 🙂

When placing something in the corners though, it goes simply wild. That said, while it has a ‘hardcore’ effect on for example, faces, it comes quite passable in case of not that common objects for us, as we’re not so used to their proportions..

First shot is from our second (and last!) day in Porto, on a walk along the beach area where this toy windmill seller was placed.

And this one above is from the famous Castelo, which has a superb view over the whole city of Lisbon.

PS: Btw, something I almost forgot to mention ! I remember reading people commenting it, and I’m just confirming, I love how this lens renders the sky tonalities even on a clear sunny day, and in black and white that’s something one comes to REALLY appreciate…

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