Into the Ocean(ario)

Again a 15mm shot. The lens proved to be really helpful on my visit to Lisbon’s Oceanario. Children down there, on a school visit, were having a great fun time each time a shark passed near them, applauding, yelling and jumping so much for their professor’s desperation 😉 Our favorite though, was the huge marathonian-sprinter Tuna fish, lol.

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9 thoughts on “Into the Ocean(ario)

  1. I’m really glad I clicked on the photo and saw the larger version. This is really a cool photo. The perspective and the superwide angle is AMAZING. And I love seeing ocean photos like this in black and white.. it’s so different!

  2. Thanks Jordan Lynn and Sudeep ! As always your comments and encouragement are really appreciated 🙂 I’m glad I used this lens for some unusual shooting, it sure is a way fun lens !
    Again, thanks a lot !

  3. Hi Oscar

    How come there is not much distortion, what I have read about extreme wideangle lenses, there should be noticeable distortion. The previous picture too does not have too much distortion. I have seen pics taken with the Tamron 20mm for SLR cams and the Canon EF 20mm too. Would love to buy one of these. (How does one go about winning the Lotto :-?)


  4. Thanks Sudeep, Gene and Andy ! Sudeep I think the not that much distortion on the previous shot is because distortion becomes more noticeable in the corners and also with known objects (such as faces). Here, the view was already so distorted (due to the thick curved aquarium glass walls) that it became sort of normal.

    Truth is I had to sell another lens to finance this one, but I think it was worth it 😉


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