To the uncertain

More grainy half-frame adventures…

Categorized: _blackandwhite


4 thoughts on “To the uncertain

  1. HI Oscar

    I love the object in the foreground. That somehow makes the picture more interesting.


  2. Nice. I don’t think it would hurt the image to lose the foreground object, but the image still has a very nice feel to it. 🙂

  3. Thanks Tony, Sudeep and Ray ! 🙂 This shot came out of some fun with the Pen EE-3 second roll, and in fact the lady started becoming suspicious about me shooting her shortly after this image 😛

    The object in the foregrond is one of those metal poles to avoid cars parking over the sidewalk, I put it there for some image balance, but I admit it can be a bit puzzling…

    Thanks for your comments ! 🙂

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