Rome: Palm Sunday

It took me way more than I would have liked, but finally my Rome shots are online. Well, some of them, since I have almost all them scanned but as you well know, there’s something called Photoshop which goes after it 🙂

So I decided to upload them by groups instead. We were lucky to arrive in time for the Pope’s speech in Piazza Sant Pietro during Palms Sunday (April 9th). Lucky also because it was the last day of their cultural week, in which entrance to all their monuments and museums is free.

As you can imagine, and as you’ll see, we did a sort of marathon to take advantadge of that ! 😉

You can see this first part of the Rome gallery HERE

Hope you enjoy it !!!

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3 thoughts on “Rome: Palm Sunday

  1. Welcome back Oscar and good to see some of the results of your trip 🙂 “don’t forget your hat” is a real classic and brought a knowing smile to my face LOL

  2. Thanks Tony, Andy ! 🙂 I came yesterday from another short trip to Portugal. Too many neg sheets to scan, too little time, lol !

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