Under the elements

In the same philosophy as the first Worn picture of a skateboard ramp, I was attracted by the incredibly textured surface of this public ping-pong table after it spend many days and nights under sun, rain, and after being the leisure support for who knows how many matches.

And again, taken with a Iskra 6×6 camera using Acros 100 film

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3 thoughts on “Under the elements

  1. Hi Oscar

    How can you be consisitently brilliant? Can you detail how you composed/took the shot? How come there is so much detail? I take it you develop your own film? I have been busy compiling kernels, wanted to learn that for a long time so have not been photographing for the last few days.


  2. Suddep thanks so much ! 🙂 Anyway there’s some cheat here, this shot is from some months ago.

    Also a bit of cheating since these negatives (of 120 film used on medium format cameras) are way bigger than normal 35mm ones and it’s easier to get more detail. At screen sizes there’s not that much of a difference anyway 🙂

    I started developing on my own around 2 years ago. It’s a really cheap way to do your own black & white, since labs here charge usually an arm and a leg.

    Good luck with those linuxes, I couldn’t pass from the ‘kernel panic’ myself ! 😉


  3. Oscar another stunning observation and capture 🙂 The number of times I’ve played on these tables and I never noticed the potential in them, my excuse is I was too busy missing the ball LOL Looks like you have the good makings of a long term project !!!


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