Day Dreaming

Olympus Pen EE-3 / Classic Pan 200

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9 thoughts on “Day Dreaming

  1. WOW!
    That was the reaction of a friend of mine when I showed this pic to him.

    Fantastic. I am now suffering hugely from GAS. I want a rangefinder :-((

    To cut my teeth I think I will try and acquire a Zorki. One of my friends will be visiting Switzerland in May end and will stay there for three months. Hopefully will get something. Or a Canon GIII.


  2. Half frame have been sitting too much time in my debt account while my interest for bigger formats, and time consuming photography have been growing. Photograph like this one, so far of main themes kicks my mind for them.

  3. Excellent! Reminds me of early experimental work. Coincidentally, I’ve been shooting with my 1/2 frame. It just takes so long to finish a roll!


  4. Thanks so much Sudeep, Luis, Ray !!!

    Sudeep, in fact the camera was just a quite simple point and shoot. It was given to me, non-working, by a neighbour. Seems to do quite well after very little work… GAS is not bad per se, but be careful… 😉

    Luis, Ray, truth is the 36 frames roll never seemed to finish even if shooting like a machinegun. I discovered though, that it’s a wonderful substitute for digital P&S, and it gives that wonderful grain… 🙂

    Thanks again !


  5. Hi Oscar

    I am at the moment seriously afflicted by GAS. I have a Canon EOS A2 and a 500N, with a 50mm f/1.8 II, 28-105 II USM and 75-300 III USM. I want a small film camera to take pics for my blog. I want to continue the blog with film and not the digital point and shoot that I have or I may start a new film blog. I want simple film camera preferably with a remote release so that i can take pics unobtrusively at times. I know this wont materialise for quite sometime yet as I do not have the money at the moment. I want to get a scanner first. I have looked at a 4200F (Canon) but am unable to make up my mind. I want the scanner primarily for web use but the scans should be of a good quality. What scanner do you use?


  6. Excellent photo! Wonderful use of imagery. Is this a double exposure? Half-frame camera.. interesting. What do you use to scan these? Love the image.. reminds me of 1960s horror.. early Coppola perhaps..

  7. @Sudeep, I know, GAS can be so dangerous 🙂 If you stick around some of the usual RF boards, there are sometimes really great deals on really nice fixed lens RFs. Something like a Olympus 35RC or a small Canonet, an XA etc could serve you well as a daily user.
    So far I’m scanning everything with a 2-and-something years old Epson 3170. Doesn’t do a bad job with 35mm, and a bit better with medium format. If bought refurbished from Epson they are now a great deal, something like $70 or so. I paid considerably more here in Spain, hehe…

    @Andy again thanks so much for visiting and for your comments. Truth is this is a bus stop ad with the building reflections on it. I must say that your P3200 grainy results came to mind and inspired me when scanning these. Half frame is a great way of getting grainy negatives with medium speed film ! 😉

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