A walk by the sea

On the very same warm and beautiful afternoon of my previous post. There’s something very special in that first day when you finally can feel for real that the winter is over.

Add to it that it was friday and I had just left from work, and you can imagine my joy while shooting all this I found on a 10 min walk by the sea… It was the day of students…

coffee drinkers…


a nice day for lovers…

and for lonely novel readers…

a day for nappers…

and for annoying photographers !

Yes, it was a nice day.

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6 thoughts on “A walk by the sea

  1. Wow! you really captured a lot of nice stuff on that walk. Love the smoker photo.. and the lovers. Wonderful street work!

  2. Hi

    How did you manage to get the lovers? I mean did u look through the viefinder or did u shoot from the hip? I would never be able to look through the viewfinder and take their pic.

    The smokers is a great picture.

  3. Thanks a lot Andy and SM ! I see the smokers has already 2 votes šŸ™‚ To catch the lovers I stopped by them and acted as if I was taking a pic of something on the other side, then lowered the camera, pointed to them and shot from my hand at hip level before starting to walk again.

    The smoker girls actually noticed me… Thanks so much for your feedback !

  4. La primera es la que m?s me gusta. Oye, que tal parece que los acentos no salen bien ahora en tu nuevo “template”.

    You’re making me seriously want to just go look for that mesera (pa’ arreglar los papeles) and move to Barcelona. Do they have an opening for Pancho Villa in the living statues alley? šŸ˜‰

  5. šŸ˜€ Gracias Gabriel ! Si, habra que revisar el template una vez mas. Pancho Villa’s position is still available, I think. Last week I verified that Che Guevara and Winnie the Pooh are already taken.

    Mejor date prisa, y por favor, presentame a la mesera šŸ˜‰

  6. i LOVE that lonely reader image, such a feeling of concentration with her so tranquil and unaware of the passers-striding-by…
    a prolific day indeed.

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