Last friday morning, at seven thirty or so the phone rang. I had a quick thought and I was right, my grandmother had died that same night. She was (really) 102 and a half years old.

I can’t really say it was something that caught me by surprise, as since half a year ago or so her physical and mental condition had been slowly but progressively getting worse to a point that honestly I strongly prefer she had never reached.

So the truth is her funeral was basically an optimistic and relatively happy family get-together to honor the person she was, the extremely long life she had, and why not say it, her peaceful and quiet ending after several months of nonsense suffering.

And it is when somebody is no longer, when photography shows you one of its most powerful faces.

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6 thoughts on “102.5

  1. Oscar it’s a beautiful and touching capture that I’m sure will provide a tactile memory of her for you and your family.

    Even when expected I know the loss never really goes away and reminds us that we are not a permanent fixture. My thoughts go with you my friend.

  2. Our thoughts are with you.
    This is the superior purpose of photography. The lasting memories of family and loved ones.

  3. my condolences, oscar.
    my grandmother lived to 100-and-some too, and her death, though so very sad, has a sense of inevitability about it that made it easier to accept. we remember her humour and her stubbornness and her philosophical nature, the way she was before she passed the century mark and got ill, and that’s the way she would have wanted it, i’m sure.
    this is a powerfully poignant image.

  4. Thanks so much Lynn. Yes, it’s just exactly as you said, and she had quite some common things with your own one, probably it goes with grandmothers in general. We still remember and laugh with some of her very funny comments. She managed to get to almost 102 quite well, and that’s how we all prefer to remember her.
    Again, many, many thanks.

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