On a sunny January morning

A bike and a passerby, and not really that I can say a lot more, except that I liked the scene.

Categorized: _blackandwhite | _urban | _itsaboutyou


4 thoughts on “On a sunny January morning

  1. To find a street so empty where I live (Calcutta, India) I would have to use some special kind of film. Only between 12am and 5am would the streets be so empty. What time was this taken? Good pic btw.

  2. Thanks ! It was taken on my way to work, at 9 or so in the morning. And to think sometimes I complain that Barcelona is too populated…

  3. LOL I have the same obsession even though I can’t ride one without an engine, bikes are so photogenic adding structure to a picture. Another good capture 🙂

  4. Haha 😀 I love bicycles and that simpathy is translated to photograph them as well, however I sometimes wish they had an engine 😉 Thanks Tony !!!

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