Some city scenes, an M2 and Efke 50

Some of my first M2 experiences, with my beloved 50/2 Summitar (sometimes scale focused for faster shooting which explains some of the fuzzy results, sigh) and my also first experience with Efke KB50.

I souped it in Diafine, as always, and exposed it according to the sunny-16 rule for a 100 ISO film. I quite like this film but it’s really prone to scratches so be very careful (or avoid completely) with the squeege !

As always, hope you’ll like them 🙂

These girls, journalism students probably, were doing a live interview to this bronze cowboy, one of the multiple ‘living statue’ performers along their zone of La Rambla. I started shooting them from a far distance but seeing that they didn’t seem to mind I ended approaching them and took a couple more shots.

I was just framing the ‘Psico’ sign with the lamp post and the guy having his lunch in the background and suddenly I caught the cyclist coming with the corner of my eye and decided to try to include him.

This girl struck me in the Born Market zone, having her lunch alone, so smartly dressed contrasting with the usual ‘cosmopolitan’ fashion you can see around here, and placed in a place where light played such a nice effect. I focused the Summitar by guessing not to disturb her, but as you can see I failed by quite some meter(s). Anyway, I like how the fuzzyness here gives her a certain sense of anonimous quality.

Some meters from that girl (and previously) I had noticed how light (again) played a nice effect with the gas tank of this mighty Montesa Impala 2 bike.

This scene just appeared to me attractive due to the extreme almost lith-like contrast… just like the next one.

Funnily enough, after taking this shot a woman walking behind them stopped and looked inquiringly to that ‘caged’ window, probably wondering what the hell I was finding so special about it…

And finally… just ping pong.

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5 thoughts on “Some city scenes, an M2 and Efke 50

  1. efke and foma are quite soft emulsions when they are wet. Do not squeege, just use a good wetting agent with distilled water and hang it, it’s more than enough.

  2. Thanks for the tip Luis ! I had read something about it but didn’t think it was THAT soft. Well, it is, and lesson is learned 🙂
    Apart from that, I quite like it.

  3. Thanks for the feedback CVB, it’s much appreciated ! 🙂 I’m curious if you have a blog or website since seems I can’t access your blogger profile.

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