Underground (III)

It was already time for an update… It’s curious, I spend a lot of time day after day, week after week seeing almost the same scenes, and even often seeing the same faces.

The other day a way fun idea crossed my mind. If we would put 50 chimpanzees on a subway car, I can’t imagine the size of the party they would instantly make. however, as close to them as we are, we can put up to 200 people together there and each one of us will kindly and respectfully ignore all the others.

All is written in the DNA 😉

Well, hope you enjoy the pictures. As with all the project, taken with the Bessa-T and the 35/2.5 Skopar scale focused, with Jessops Pan 400S in Diafine.

Categorized: _blackandwhite | _urban | _underground


4 thoughts on “Underground (III)

  1. With current trends I wouldn’t find surprising that they would ban subway photography here as well ! 😦

    Thanks for your kind comments and please keep up the good work !


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