Sometimes you bet… and win!

I don’t consider myself a lucky person, but I don’t think I’m unlucky either.

Luck plays quite an important role in our lifes (I suspect that a lot more than we imagine), and if as some people say photography is about life, we should expect the A->B->C axiom to apply and thus having luck being important in photography as well… no ? Well I think I’m lost…

Anyway, I mean, sometimes it’s not enough to be there, and to be awake and to have your mind and body tuned with the action going on so that you can be aware of when to relase the shutter and where to stand when doing so. Sometimes you just can’t fully see or you can’t get to where you want and you can only raise your arm and pray for the best.

And sometimes it works. The above photo is the second one from two I took while this acrobat performance was taking place during the Forum Barcelona 2004, a huge multi… ehh, well, when this was taking place:

Both shots were at a speed of 1/15 or so, with the lens scale focused around f/8 (I think). The first one came out too tilted and blurry due to camera shake, but when I scanned this one I knew I had exhausted my luck for quite some weeks 🙂

Some other times (a couple weeks ago to be exact), I was walking down the street from the uni, and getting ready my Bessa T for some shots. I proceeded to slightly press the shutter in order to activate the meter and get a light reading and.. CA-CHLANK ! Here goes the ‘silent’ Bessa shutter, taking a shot of who knows what. Well, it turned out to be this thing below. I still wonder what are the odds of having that results in full frame…

And then, the 98% rest of the time, what I use to get when I rely on luck is similar to this:

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4 thoughts on “Sometimes you bet… and win!

  1. Wow.. that is the luckiest capture I have ever seen.. talking about a self-producing work of art.. amazing lines, tone and composition!

  2. Me encanta la foto! (no la del negativo con nada) Como ya lo dijo, em, el otro antes que yo, una obra de arte.

    Un diez. Qué diez; un Once.

  3. 😀 Gracias Gabriel ! Me parece que tendr? que dejar a la Bessa-T ir un poco m?s ‘a su aire’ si cada vez que se dispara sola acabo con fotos como esa 😉

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