You will have to excuse me…

…for taking myself this liberty.

I had decided to keep this blog mainly centered in photography and try to avoid too many references to the gear we all lust after from time to time 🙂

But this time I think the arrival of what has been a sort of holy grail for me since a couple years ago deserved breaking the rules at least once.

The item in question is a 1965 Leica M2 35mm rangefinder camera. I remember sometimes I made jokes about how the only M2 I would be able to afford would be one that had been run over by a bus previously. Well, the truth is that’s not quite the case, but I admit the thing carries quite a lot of scars from its long and probably hard life of loyal service.

And btw, what could be a better way to receive such a fantastic camera in the mail than doing it with the parcel wrapped in real gift paper ! (that’s one really nice ebay seller! 🙂 AND receiving together the great shot my partner in the RFF Print Swap IV, David Widom, mailed to me.

Thanks Maryse and David for making my day !


18 thoughts on “You will have to excuse me…

  1. That’s an awesome camera you got there man. What lens is that? A 50?

    I got my Leica just a few months ago. It has saved me, helped me find pleasure in photography again.

  2. Thanks Luis and Andrew! Yeah I now can be taught the secret M owner handshake 🙂 The lens on the first shot is a Canon 50/1.8, second is another Canon, 35/1.8.
    I’m happy to get feedback from people doing such a fantastic work with their Ms!

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