My thanks and apologies!

Well seems I wasn’t so clever and the Blogger software defeated me, I forgot to activate the new comments notification feature, so I had a bunch of very nice comments there, just waiting to be approved for publishing and I was wondering why everybody seemed so shy ! 🙂

So please, to all who posted them, accept my apologies and receive my sincere thanks for your comments and support.

And as this is meant as a sort of photo blog, I just thought I could give my excuses the shape of a photo which (I hope) will be of everybody’s liking. Not sure about you, but I could sure spend some months in a place like that. Anyway I can always upload the Windows(R) beach and palm trees wallpaper 😉

Again, thanks everybody !


5 thoughts on “My thanks and apologies!

  1. I was wondering why no one else was commenting on this wonderful place Oscar 🙂 Nice to see there’s plenty that appreciate your blog!

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