Toy camera visits Cordoba

Some years ago I became very interested in TLR cameras, and my first one was a $40 Lubitel 166 Universal which I bought from a Former Soviet Union online camera store. I decided for that one mainly because I enjoyed a lot using the one a friend of mine bought at a flea market some weeks before during a trip to Moscow.

I must admit that the little thing can deliver some impressive results. Sometimes that camera is placed in the toy camera category, side to the Holga, Diana, and the such. In fact I think the lens is still too good to be considered a toy, center sharpness can be impressive, and while the in-off focus progression is far from being smooth, depending on the image that can be passable, and even create a very pleasant effect in certain conditions.

The shots illustrating this entry are from the beautiful city of Cordoba, during a visit I made there a couple (or three or four or five, I can’t really remember) years ago. At least for one time, I thought such an incredible city deserved color film !


4 thoughts on “Toy camera visits Cordoba

  1. Beautiful pictures as always and I fully agree with you. For me a toy camera is one with a plastic lens, but then I’m biased as a Holga snapper. Yor blog is always worth a visit to cheer a guy up!

  2. Gorgeous images, Oscar. Who’d have known? Very inspiring post. I wouldn’t mind picking up a Diana or a Holga some time. I hope you turn on your comments, so we can give you some feedback.

  3. Hey thanks guys ! Toy cameras are like condensed photographic fun in a sub-$50 piece of plastic 😉
    Remy, prepare yourself for some oven-like experience in summer, but it’s enjoyable anytime of the year.

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