Table Shots

Or what is the same, just another point of view to the Camera&Coffee thing .

I think the first time I recalled in this was after reading a post in the RFF, I think it was from Rich Silfver (remember to visit his great blog, Batteries Not Included). What that said, more or less, was that if you’re one of those people whose friends are constantly afraid of, mainly because you have the habit of always bringing a camera with you and take advantadge of any opportunity to get some candid portraits (and if you’re reading this then you probably are), then invariably you must have somewhere between your collection of negatives quite a nice number of table shots.

I’ve found that people seem to get in a very relaxed and interesting mood when they are sharing a table with some friend(s) or with their couple, and of course the same applies to those sitting in YOUR own table, and even if you’re holding the camera, that includes you, and I’ve found that for some reason I enjoy a lot shooting in those conditions.

Of course, that general happiness mood could also have something to do with how much focusing fluid you ingest, so have always in mind Stevie Wonder’s words…



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