And another PAW is over…

The PAW, or photo-a-project is without doubt what put me into active photography, together with the wonderful community of the rangefinderforum.

The idea is simple, be sure to have at least one decent shot worth keeping for every week of the year, ideally the shot should have been taken inside that week, but I admit that in some counted occasions I haven’t managed to do that and had to use one from a previous or later week.

That said, I’ve find that some weeks I’ve shot as ‘much’ as 3 or 4 rolls of film, while other times a single roll has lasted me for 3 weeks. The point anyway (I think) is to keep shooting regularly and instead of thinking of life as the excuse that doesn’t let you take pictures, somehow be able to introduce photography in that daily life of yours.

In my case that lead invariably to street photography, as I realized I spent a lot of time out there (commuting or just walking from A to B) on my days, and with time I’ve developed a huge interest in street and documentary photography.

But I think that what I like most of the PAW is how it becomes gradually and without even noticing it, in a wonderful visual diary. Each shot has its background and story behind, and a time when it was taken, and you can’t stand having your mind flying to those moments and events when you check back after some time.

Enough talking, just wanted to make something special now that 2005 is over and the new PAW 2006 has started, so this post looked like a good idea.

Or at least, it looked that way to me, lol !

PS: Oh well, the upload image feature seems to be down, so you can just click on the PAW 2005 and 2006 links on the right, sorry ! šŸ˜›


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