Barcelona is one of those cities with almost as much life below it as it has on surface level. As a template urbanite I have to suff.. ehh.. experience myself the fact of living under 30 meters of ground, pipes, cables corridors and concrete at least for 1-2 hours a day as a part of my transportation needs.

A recent photo thread in the photo.net forum made the light turn on inside my head, so I decided to take advantadge of the always interesting and many times surreal environment which surround us inside the subway and run a photographic project about it.

So far I’ve run two rolls of film trough my trusty and loyal Bessa-T, loaded with pushed black and white film and using the Color Skopar 35/2.5 lens. That’s a very useful combo for a kind of shooting where I almost never have time to compose and hence have to shoot just pointing there, or from hip level to try to catch candid expressions and guessing what will turn out on the final image.

As I spend quite some time in the subway daily, I expect this project to grow once winter holidays are over and I’m back to work, meanwhile, apart from the pics illustrating this entry, you can keep trace of the whole project at:


And btw, happy new year everybody !


2 thoughts on “Underground

  1. Great idea to publically post an ongoing project. I’ve a few myself (don’t we all!), and may model it after yours (my pbase account is languishing and needs a good project). Looking forward to more images.

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