When lights are turned off

We all could agree that night has definitely something special, otherwise a ton and a half of beautiful movie scenes, writing passages, poems, loves, crimes, thoughts and ideas would just cease to exist.

Night imagery has always had such an attractive component, but IMHO, that beauty is even more impressive when it’s recorded in black and white.

As somebody said, if a photography is a 2D abstraction of a 3D world, a black and white photo is indeed the abstraction of an abstraction.

And with some night scenes being some kind of abstration by themselves, capturing them in a black and white photo is… well you get the idea 😉

Not really a lot more to say here, so just hope you’ll enjoy the pictures and maybe will try to go shooting b&w in your camera while other’s sleep.

Good night !

Night walk, Barcelona, 2004

Barcelona Culture Forum, August 2004
Night kiss, Teià, November 2005

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