Back to the 60’s

Or that’s what at least the first photo on this entry suggests to a good friend of mine, images of those good old times and magazine advertisings of Campari, Cinzano et al…

I was not here in those years but sometimes I think I could have enjoyed them, mainly when one book or magazine or movie from then falls in my hands and I can’t stand from having the feeling that everything back then was more simple, less complicated and in some sense, more pure.

Or maybe it’s that I’m dangerously approaching 30 and I have the sudden urge to stop the world from turning and get off, just as the great Groucho said…

Well, at least I can keep using 50’s cameras, that’s something, I guess 😉


4 thoughts on “Back to the 60’s

  1. Great work, Oscar! Very thoughtful. I like the contact sheet post. I’m trying to find a way to make contact sheets again. I miss using them. Excellent stuff. I’ll visit regularly. Thanks.

  2. Taffer – Saludos! I really like the last picture on this post, very nice composition, and the tones are very good. I’m glad I found your blog!

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