More Canon 50/1.2 LTM results

Some days ago I uploaded an entry with my first results with this lens I got from Huw. Most of them if not all were taken at full aperture as of course one doesn’t get a 1.2 lens and doesn’t test it wide open, isn’t it ? 🙂

Anyway, just as I promised, here I’m submitting some more shots with it, thistime taken at mid-range and close apertures, most of them in the 8-11 range.Nothing extraordinary but they may be useful if somebody’s thinking about using one of this as an all-purpose 50mm lens. Of course you’ll sacrifice size andweight when a Canon 50/1.8 or 1.4 would probably do the same task even better,but if you are ‘caught’ with this lens in daylight don’t be afraid, I thinkit will still do a pretty decent job.

  • First shot, overall an odd result which nonetheless I quite like, there was a lot of reflected light coming from the lake water, and the shutter curtaincapped at 1/500, that’s responsible of the dark band on the left.

  • Second one, same lake. The scanner did an awful job on this one and I’ll have to work a better copy. You can notice some vignetting on the right side, probably the strong light source on daylight leaves its mark here, probablyhas something to do with having two filters stacked together.

  • More vignetting and shutter capping on this but I was amazed to see how sharp this one was at full res.

  • Some forgotten chairs I found in an empty class at work..

    • Some street shots while wandering around…

    • A test roll is not complete without an abandoned coke shot 😉

    • And finally a couple more from the same park with that nice lake…

And that’s all for now. For the next test when I find some free time I’m thinking on doing some night shooting, mainly trying to include some strong light sources in the frame as I’ve seem some examples which presentedhuge flare problems…

Btw, just as with the previous thread, the lens was unshaded but armed with a yellow K2 Hoya filter, film was Neopan 400 developed in Diafine and scanned in a Epson 3170. Only trouble I had is that with a non-working 1/1000speed, some shots came quite overexposed…


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